WCSMO-7 - 7th World Congress on Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization

21 May 2007 - 12:00pm
25 May 2007 - 12:00pm


7th World Congress on Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization

May 21(Mon) ~ May 25(Fri), 2007 COEX, Seoul, Korea


Contributions are invited from all fields of structural and multidisciplinary design optimization. Papers on theories, methods, algorithms and applications are all welcomed. The topic areas for this congress have been organized into three broad topics: Optimization Methods; Information Management & Processing/ Modeling & Simulation; and Applications. Papers submitted to the first two topic areas should have their primary focus on presenting new methods and tools, whereas papers submitted to the applications area should have their primary focus on the engineering results.

Optimization Methods

  • Optimization Algorithms
  • Sensitivity Analysis Methods and Applications
  • Evolutionary & Heuristic Optimization
  • Multidisciplinary Design Optimization
  • Multi-Objective Optimization
  • Approximation Methods in Optimization
  • Optimization with Approximate Models
  • Uncertainty Modeling and Estimation Methods
  • Robust and Reliability-Based Design Optimization
  • Shape and Topology Optimization
  • Structural Optimization and Control
  • Emerging Methods and Applications


Information Management & Processing Modeling & Simulation
  • Design Frameworks and Computing Environments
  • High Performance Parallel Computing and Visualization Methods
  • Novel Methods for Modeling, Simulation, and Design
  • Emerging Methods and Applications
  • Design Optimization Applications in Industry
  • Aerospace Vehicle Design Optimization
  • Automotive Design Optimization
  • Biomedical Applications of Optimization
  • Design Optimization in Building Structures or Architectural Engineering
  • Design Optimization in Civil Engineering
  • Design Optimization in MEMS, Electronic and Electrical Engineering
  • Design Optimization in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
  • Design Optimization in Thermal and Fluid Engineering
  • Design Optimization of Advanced and Adaptive Materials
Administrator – Mon, 15/01/2007 – 1:31pm